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Shinwa Left-Handed Circular Saw Guide L AngleLevels & Measurement

Shinwa Left-Handed Circular Saw Guide L Angle

Introducing the “Circular Saw Guide L Angle for Left handers!”

Experience stable cutting operations, high precision, and enhanced strength. Revolutionize your woodworking projects!

Equipped with non-slip rubber, this saw guide is able to slide/stop with just a simple push of the handle, and is also able to stand completely straight thanks to the heel shape. 

Right angle accuracy:

  • 45 cm (73344)  Less than 0.5mm per 500 mm 
  • 60 cm (73345)  Less than 0.6mm per 600 mm 
  • 1m (73346)  Less than 1.0mm per 1000 mm 
  • Edge height: 15 mm

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