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Kreg 520PRO and 720PRO Pocket-Hole Jig Systems

The next generation of Kreg tools. Kreg is proud to announce one of our largest new-product launches in company history with completely redesigned pocket-hole jigs, as well as innovative new tools in our growing line of guided-cutting products.

The next evolution in pocket-hole joinery
Kreg continues to lead the pocket-hole joinery category with our newest generation of pocket-hole jigs. We have completely reimagined the design and engineering of the jigs to deliver best-in-class speed, simplicity, and precision.

The new Kreg pocket-hole jigs each have a unique design and purpose-built features to suit consumers who build in different ways, in different places, and with different challenges.

New jigs include the Pocket-Hole Jig 720PRO, the Pocket-Hole Jig 720, the Pocket-Hole Jig 520PRO, plus accessories like the Docking Station and more that make building pocket-hole projects better than ever.

A new era of cutting guides
Kreg knows that cutting can be a challenge for project builders. Our solution to crooked cuts, splintered edges, and inconsistent results is the newest line of guided-cutting products. These tools allow anyone to make straight, accurate, repeatable cuts using just a circular saw – no miter saw or table saw required.

Guided cutting helps position the saw precisely and makes it easy to cut exactly where intended. These products are also portable, which makes it more convenient to bring the saw to the material – rather than carrying heavy sheets or long boards to the saw.
New cutting products include the Crosscut Station, Portable Crosscut, and the Straight Edge Guides.

Get all the information you need
Please see the accompanying product announcement to learn more about all these new products. You’ll find features, pricing, and links to product videos, as well as links to high-resolution images available from Kreg’s Digital Asset Management system. There, you can select the images you want, and then download them in several resolutions to best suit your digital and print needs.

All of these innovative new Kreg products will be available February 15, 2021 in home centers, hardware stores, specialty woodworking retailers, and directly from Kreg at For additional information, please contact Dave Stone, Senior Content Specialist:, 515-809-5420.