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Latchways ManSafe Mini SRL

Latchways ManSafe Mini SRL

Latchways, a global leader in fall protection, has introduced the next generation ManSafe Mini Self-Retracting Lifeline (SRL) to its portfolio. Smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the company has produced what it claims is the most technologically advanced SRL available on the market.

Central to this claim is both the patented, frictionless braking system and multiple spring radial energy-absorbing technology - which does away with many of the problems that can be associated with conventional SRLs that employ tensioned spring locking mechanisms and friction-based braking i.e. increased wear and tear.

Weighing a little over two pounds when fitted with a double locking snap hook, the mini is six feet in length. It can be used with a range of connectors including a forged steel snaphook, a carabiner/hook and aluminium scaffolding hook.

Thanks to its ultra-strong, transparent polycarbonate casing, the new ManSafe® SRL mini can be visually inspected prior to use.

SRLs work in a similar manner to a seat belt, permitting normal movement to facilitate work but in the event of a sudden fall, the mechanism locks preventing any further movement. With the Latchways ManSafe SRL, users from 132-309 lbs, including tools are accommodated.

The ManSafe SRL Mini is particularly suitable for use in close anchorage applications such as construction and maintenance, or where working space is limited. The highly durable see-through polycarbonate case protects the Mini SRL’s internal components from any impact damage and the energy absorber is completely sealed from external contaminents, making it an ideal choice in sectors such as the rail industry, oil and gas, and industrial process, where dirt and grime are present and temperatures can be extreme.

Bill Marshall is the Head of Sales in North America for Latchways: “Our new ManSafe Mini SRL continues our long tradition of delivering world firsts and the very best in fall protection. Our engineering innovation has produced a compact but immensely strong SRL that functions even in the most extreme of environments and can give confidence to employers that they are providing their workers with fall protection that will send them home safely every day.”