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Lawson Products Wear-Flex Tire Repair Kit

Lawson Products introduces the Wear-Flex Tire Repair Kit, ideal for repairing damaged off-road and forklift tires. Rough surfaces like gravel or unpaved roads break down heavy equipment tires.

Worn down or ripped treads can lead to costly downtime and expensive tire replacement. This compact kit features a self-mixing urethane repair compound, Wear-Flex, to mend and restore lugs, cuts, scuffs and blemishes on large industrial tires.

The repair epoxy forms a high-strength, flexible bond on rubber and nylon that remains flexible at low temperatures. Its short cure time ensures fast repairs.

The kit also includes abrasives materials to clean up the damage area, specialized rubber primer, and the necessary tools to complete the job. The Wear-Flex Tire Repair Kit is an economical solution that extends tire lifespan and keeps equipment up and running.

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