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Little Giant King Kombo Ladder

Little Giant Ladder Systems announces the King Kombo, the world’s only 3-in-1 ladder in one lightweight, affordable package.

“We get it. Your company is in the business of getting stuff done,” said Ryan Moss, CEO. “Nothing is more frustrating for working professionals than when they are in the middle of a project trying to get things done, and they have to stop because they don’t have the right tool."

"Instead of getting the right tool, all too often they will use a product that was not designed for the task they are trying to get done. The King Kombo gives them three ladders in one, so they have the right tool to work faster and safer.”

The Little Giant King Kombo is the world’s only 3-in-1 all access ladder—a stepladder, straight extension ladder, and leaning ladder in one lightweight, industrial-grade package. It gives you exactly the ladder you need to get just about any job done.

The King Kombo will be available in three models in multiple sizes, each tailored for specific customers: professional, industrial and technical. Click here to see a selection guide to determine which model is right for you.

View the King Kombo video at:

3 Configurations | 13 Unique Applications

Even though it weighs the same as an ordinary stepladder, the King Kombo works as a wide-based stepladder, a wide-based straight extension ladder, and a leaning ladder, but it does far more than just three configurations:


  1. Lightweight, industrial-grade stepladder
  2. Fits in the 16” on-center stud gap

Leaning Ladder

  1. Grips and protects flat walls
  2. Grips and protects inside corners
  3. Grips and protects outside corners
  4. Fits a 2x4 stud in the leaning mode

Straight Extension Ladder

  1. Lightweight, wide-based extension ladder
  2. Attic access ladder
  3. Roof access ladder
  4. Grips and protects a flat wall
  5. Grips and protects outside corners (Industrial and Technical models)
  6. Grips a pole or pipe (Industrial and Technical models)
  7. Positions on 2x4 stud (Industrial and Technical models)

“It’s no coincidence that we are announcing the King Kombo during National Ladder Safety Month. With more than 2,000 ladder-related accidents happening every single day, we created the King Kombo to help decrease that number,” said Art Wing, Executive Chairman. “Many of those accidents happen when people use the wrong ladder because they are trying to get the job done. The King Kombo was made to help the silent heroes, who make the world turn, work faster and safer.”

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