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MAX USA AKHL1260E and AKHL1260EX PowerLite 500 psi CompressorsCompressors

MAX USA AKHL1260E and AKHL1260EX PowerLite 500 psi Compressors

MAX developed the world’s first high-pressure pneumatic nailing system and introduced it to the Japanese market in 1994. For the past two decades the MAX PowerLite 500psi system has revolutionized the construction industry in Japan.

Powered by 500psi technology, MAX PowerLite tools are approximately 40% lighter and 20% smaller than most competitors’ tools without sacrificing power. In 2003 the MAX PowerLite system became available in North American.

The AKHL1260E and AKHL1260EX PowerLite compressors are extremely lightweight and powerful. At 35.4 lbs and 51.1 lbs. respectively, these air compressors can hold compressed air at 500 psi.

The AKHL1260E is equipped with two tanks and the AKHL1260EX five tanks. 4 air-outlets come standard on both compressors. 2 outlets for high pressure tools and 2 outlets for regular 100 psi pressure tools.

Easily transform the AKHL1260E to a 5-tank compressor by attaching the optional AKTH13 accessory.

MAX Powerlite Compressors are powered by a DC-Brushless motor and have an inverter circuit which adjusts the RPM to extract maximum performance at different voltage levels. This technology allows start up in cold weather and operation under poor electric supply conditions (down to 70 volts without popping the breaker).

An LED light indicator system is built in to identify performance issues and the compressor’s easy drain lever quickly releases air and water from the compressor’s tanks.

To learn more about the PowerLite High Pressure Compressors and Nailers you can call MAX at 800-223-4293 or visit us on the web at