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Hitachi UA3810AB 10-Gallon Reserve Air TankCompressors

Hitachi UA3810AB 10-Gallon Reserve Air Tank 

Hitachi Power Tools today announced its first ASME Certified Reserve Air Tank- model UA3810AB including a complete set of fittings and accessories needed for use straight out of the box.

This 10-Gallon Reserve Air Tank weighs 40 pounds fully outfitted, and eliminates the concern for air pressure being insufficient to power multiple nailers over an extended distance from the compressor.

With Hitachi’s Reserve Air Tank added between the compressor and nailer, the PSI will remain constant even if five or more nailers are operating at the same time on a jobsite.

Hitachi’s UA3810AB comes ready to use with five quick connect couplers (4 unregulated and 1 regulated) for easy one handed connections of hoses and/or splitters. It is certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to confirm compliance with United States laws and regulations.

This Reserve Air Tank is the perfect addition to any jobsite (with a max allowed working pressure of 175 PSI) to ensure air pressure being supplied to the pneumatic nailers is sufficient, and that the required PSI remains constant- even if the compressor is 200 or more feet away.

In the event that a nailer requires less PSI than others attached (like a palm nailer, for instance), then the factory installed large knob regulator is available to control the pressure for that nailer in particular.

Durability is essential and this horizontal barrel Reserve Tank features a roll cage design that protects the regulators and gauges from jobsite abuse. The steel tubular handle offers easy jobsite transport, while its angled steel legs provide additional support and stability despite potential uneven turf and often harsh conditions. Industrial pressure gauges are encased in steel for higher durability.

An industrial ball (shut-off) valve on input allows the tank to be filled and disconnected from the compressor without draining itself, for added convenience.

The UA3810AB is covered by Hitachi’s 1-year professional warranty and ships complete with:

  • (4) 1⁄4” Quick Connect Couplers with 3/8” NPT
  • (1) 1⁄4” Quick Connect Coupler (located on Regulator) with 1⁄4” NPT
  • (1) Safety Relief Valve
  • (1) Industrial Tank Pressure Gauge
  • (1) Industrial Regulated Pressure Gauge
  • (1) Industrial Ball (Shut-Off) Valve on Input
  • (1) 1⁄4” Industrial Plug

For the enough to completely drive a nail because the compressor is located far away, then UA3810AB Reserve Air Tank from Hitachi is an ideal addition. For more information including the full line of Hitachi products and support, please contact Hitachi Power Tools at 1-800-829-4752 or visit