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NEOS Glacier Trek SPK OvershoesSafety

NEOS Glacier Trek SPK Overshoes

Overshoe Outsole Advancement Brings Enhanced Safety to Industrial Trade Professionals and Outdoor Explorers

NEOS, a leader in overshoes since 1994, announces the launch of its new Glacier Trek SPK outsole technology for extreme cold-weather traction. The technology, which uses biomechanically placed, stainless steel spikes, will be featured in four new styles for Fall ’21.

Designed to be worn right over everyday footwear, NEOS overshoes are versatile, lightweight, easy to pack, and easy to slip on and off. The new NEOS winter collection is built to stand up to the daily wear and tear of occupational users, while providing the performance mandated by explorers in extreme, cold weather environments.

Glacier Trek SPK ice traction cleats are engineered to provide excellent traction while being durable through a non-corrosive, heat-treated metal that digs into ice and snow with ease. The ergonomic placement of its spike design allows the wearer’s body weight to transfer effectively to the ground, resulting in a higher coefficient of friction for better grip.

“NEOS continues its heritage as a pioneer in the industry and one of the first to offer a lightweight layer of additional protection, insulation and traction to both the outdoor and industrial categories with Glacier Trek SPK,” said Bo Thai, NEOS product manager. “NEOS products are lightweight, packable and versatile – end usage options are endless, from protecting construction workers and electricians to postal workers and crossing guards to park rangers, ski resort staff and ice fishermen.”

The four new NEOS styles with Glacier Trek SPK for Fall ’21 offer 100 percent waterproof protection and durable uppers that are also windproof. Each boot style also features a 2.5mm polyurethane internal bootie, a cleat wrench and convenient internal pocket to store the wrench for potentially changing cleats on the go; an adjustable hook-and-loop strap system for a secure and comfortable fit, lightweight design and compact convenience.

The VNG1 and VNG1Heel are 11” in height, the VNG1Heel features a 90-degree breasted heel for secure wear on ladders (MSRP: $140). The EXSG is 11” in height and offers additional insulation (MSRP: $165), while the N5P3G also features additional insulation for increased warmth in extreme cold, a higher abrasion durability upper, and an expandable gaiter that can increase boot height from 15” to 20” (MSRP: $185).

A leader in overshoe products for more than 25 years, NEOS overshoes protect users and most any kind of footwear in variable weather conditions.  NEOS products are versatile, easy to pack, easy to slip on and off, and are made from technically-advanced materials to provide durability and performance in the most extreme conditions.  The NEOS precision sole and upper design eliminates excess material, making them light, enhancing fit and providing great comfort. 

Now a sister brand of The Original Muck Boot Company, NEOS is a relied-upon piece of equipment, enabling professionals and recreationists from polar explorers to Iditarod racers and Canadian pipeline workers to explore farther, work harder and live fuller in severe outdoor conditions. For more information, go to