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News - 2018.07.26 Esco MILLHOG APS-438 Air Powered SawAir Tools

Esco MILLHOG APS-438 Air Powered Saw

An easy-to-operate pneumatic saw and mounting trolley system that makes cutting concrete lined pipe faster and produces a highly accurate finish has been introduced by Esco Tool of Holliston, Massachusetts.

The MILLHOG APS-438 Air Powered Saw for cutting concrete lined steam pipe mounts onto a WrapTrack system that can be sized for 6” to 60” dia. pipe and produce perfectly square cuts that are accurate to ±1/16”.

Ideal for making field repairs to underground steam lines, this combination saw and track system leaves a smooth finish for joining the pipes with couplings.

Featuring a fiberglass reinforced blade and the WrapTrack system which provides a secure path for the MILLHOG APS-438 Air Powered Saw, it is superior to torch cutting and grinding when repairing underground steam lines.

The fully portable saw mounts rigidly on a trolley equipped with four V-grooved steel wheels that glide along the steel WrapTrack system.

The MILLHOG APS-438 Air Powered Saw sells for $5,795.00 and the WrapTrack from $450.00 up. 

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