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Optrel e3000X PAPR SystemSafety

Optrel e3000X PAPR System

Optrel announces the welding industry’s most powerful ventilated breathing protection system available — the optrel e3000X powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR).

Introducing leading “X-tended” advancements in productivity, efficiency, performance, and air-flow sensor technology, the new e3000X PAPR represents a new league in fresh air and respiratory protection.

The new e3000X PAPR is certified to the highest class of breathing protection — TH3 — removing 99.8% of harmful airborne participles to deliver clean, filtered breathing air to welders.

The e3000X sports an industry-leading optimized-performance design and sensor technology that enable the most powerful ventilated PAPR in the industry, delivering three levels of airflow (240, 210, or 170 liters per minute) at twice the efficiency of previous models for up to 18 hours of battery life.

Modular in designed to be highly and easily adaptable, the e3000X provides breathing protection to welders in a variety of applications and environments, with a host of safety and operating features. They include:

  • An adjustable airflow that delivers as much fresh air as the wearer desires, for comfort as well as for respiration.
  • A Mountain Breeze air filter that eliminates unpleasant odors as well as protects wearers from an increased concentration of ozone in the worksite.
  • An A1B1E1 gas filter insert (available mid-2020) that provides reliable protection against organic, inorganic, and acid gases and vapors in heavily polluted, foul-smelling, or toxic environments.
  • An ergonomic, three-point shoulder harness that improves wearer comfort by distributing the system’s fit across the wearer’s shoulders to relieve both back and hip pressure.
  • Fully-automatic calibration of the system’s airflow.
  • Instant display of the current battery charge level at the touch of a button.
  • A Parking Buddy belt hook to hold the welding helmet, off and away from contaminated work surfaces, when not in use.

The e3000X PAPR system, with integrated air-flow sensors and three selectable flow rates, consists of the new e3000X ventilated respiratory protection system (blower unit and hose), pre-filters, TH3P R SL particle master filter, 18h power battery, leather belt, charger, parking buddy belt hook, duffle carrying bag, and user instructions.

The e3000X PAPR system integrates with leading optrel PAPR welding helmets, including the optrel crystal 2.0, optrel panoramaxx, optrel e684, optrel vegaview2.5, optrel liteflip autopilot, as well as the optrel clearmaxx grinding helmet. The e3000X is also available as part of several ready-to-weld/ready-to-grind packages.

The optrel e3000X PAPR meets industry standards EN 12941:1998 + A1:2003 + A2:2008, AS/NZS 1716:2012, and EAC: TP TC 019/2011. NIOSH approval is pending.

The optrel e3000X PAPR is immediately available. For more information, visit or contact optrel at