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Police Security Flashlights MORF Removable Headlamps

Police Security Flashlights, a division of LB Marketing, Inc., has launched Morf Removable Headlamps, a new category of patented wearable lights with a detachable headlamp. It becomes a hand-held flashlight or magnetic mountable light, leaving a secondary light in the headlamp base…eliminating all shadows.

Founder and Inventor Douglas Kaye explains how and why he developed the Morf Removables product line.

“As an avid craftsman, I created the concept during a home improvement project. I was working in a tight dark area in my basement crawl space. Using one of my company’s Police Security LED flashlights and also wearing one of our high lumen headlamps, I found myself alternating between the two to keep the area lit yet also juggling my hand tools at the same time. It occurred to me that the headlamp and flashlight could be merged into one functional concept.”

Today, the MORF B300, professional grade 300 Lumen headlamp is available as well as the B250 model, which is ideal for DIY enthusiasts.

Coming soon is a heavy-duty, waterproof, rugged version and a Headlantern – the removable light expands to a lantern, making it an ideal lighting system for camping and outdoor activities and DIY projects that require an area light.

According to Kaye, “The MORFs are a game changer in the personal lighting category and have been well received by our retailers. We have plans to expand this category and bring multiple models to market over the next couple of years.”

The Morf Removable series headlamps are powered by high quality alkaline batteries. The Removable flashlights are powered by varying power levels of lithium polymer batteries. Product specifications are available on the company website at

See the MORF in action here: