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Reed Rotary Cutters in New SizesPipe Tools

Pipe Tools: Reed Rotary Cutters in New Sizes

Reed introduces exclusive Rotary Cutters in new sizes for the biggest and smallest pipe diameters. The new RC42S Rotary Cutter is designed for manual cuts on 40 - 42 inch (1016 – 1067 mm) steel pipe.

Using the proven cutting mechanics of Reed's Rotary Cutter line, the RC42 takes advantage of good leverage from its long handle which is used to turn the cutter. An included wrench is used to tighten the cutter and only 11.8 inches (300 mm) clearance is needed.

Pipe snaps off squarely once the operator works the RC42S manually around the cut zone.

On the small side of the spectrum, Reed is now offering an LCRC4 Low Clearance Rotary Cutter for 2 - 4 inch (60 – 125 mm) steel, cast iron, or ductile iron pipe. Also of heavy-duty construction, this junior-sized cutter requires just 4 inch clearance around the pipe to make the cut.

Quality Reed cutter wheels are used in both the RC42S and the LCRC4 models, thus ensuring a great cut due in part to the wheels' thin profile design.