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Rhino Carbon Fiber CFRP Commercial and Residential Crack Repair KitsAdhesives, Sealants & Coatings

Rhino Carbon Fiber CFRP Commercial and Residential Crack Repair Kits 

The Rhino Carbon Fiber CFRP Commercial and Residential Crack Repair Kits are designed for crack repair and structural strengthening (CMU/block wall and poured wall as well as poured structural components such as beams and columns).

Rhino Carbon Fiber CFRP (unidirectional, horizontal, vertical or bidirectional versions offered) is one of the highest quality products available today, and all of our products are engineered, tested and quality controlled to meet and exceed the technical requirements of your project. Rhino Carbon Fiber CFRP (Unidirectional, Horizontal)can be used in a variety of residential and commercial applications such as structural strengthening and concrete repair.

Carbon fiber is light weight, easy-to-install, strong (10x stronger than steel) and non-corrosive, which eliminates the need for maintenance. Carbon fiber can also be easily painted over or covered with a finishing product for aesthetic appeal. 

Carbon fiber has 3 attributes that engineers, specifiers and contractors look at depending on the project on-hand:

  1. Weave Orientation (Unidirectional Horizontal, Unidirectional Vertical and Bidirectional)
  2. Weight (200 GSM, 300 GSM, 400 GSM, 560 GSM, 600 GSM)
  3. Width (5.5”, 6”, 12”, 24”)

Rhino Carbon Fiber™ CFRP (Unidirectional, Horizontal) can be used as a stand-alone repair solution or in conjunction with Rhino Carbon Fiber Concrete Crack Lock stitches and RCF™ injection products (RCF Resin Crack Injection Kit and RCF Polyurethane Crack Injection Kit).

Typically, we recommend injecting the crack first with our RCF Structural Epoxy Injection Resin or RCF Polyurethane Injection Expanding Foam for a complete repair.

Sometimes used in conjunction with Rhino Carbon Fiber Concrete Crack Lock Stitches. Indoor/outdoor (must be coated for outdoor). CFRP and epoxy are available in bulk.