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SKILSAW 8-inch OUTLAW Worm Drive Saw for MetalPortable Electric Tools

SKILSAW 8-inch OUTLAW Worm Drive Saw for Metal

The SKILSAW 8-inch OUTLAW Worm Drive Saw for Metal, model SPT78MMC, is the first true Worm Drive specifically optimized to cut through metal.

It is available with a Diablo Cermet blade (SPT78MMC-22) or a SKILSAW Carbide blade (SPT78MMC-01). The OUTLAW's Worm Drive design and left-side blade offers superior ergonomics and ease of use, and a best-in-class Dual-Field motor provides more power, precision and durability.

In addition to being the industry's first metal cutting saw to feature a blade window for added visibility, jobsite pros will value OUTLAW's largest available chip tray, which holds 33% more material.

"SKILSAW is on a mission to set a new standard for metal cutting applications," said Gregg Mangialardi, SKILSAW Group Product Manager. "Metal cutting is one of the most demanding applications for any power tool and our new SPT78MMC 8-inch OUTLAW is built specifically to handle the job time and time again."

Available in March 2016, the new SPT78MMC-22 SKILSAW metal cutting saw will have a suggested retail price of $319 (USD).