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Spectra Precision QML800 QuickMark Layout LaserLevels & Measurement

Measuring: Spectra Precision QML800 QuickMark Layout Laser

The Spectra Precision QML800 QuickMark Layout, a new solution that automates the layout of interior points and walls. The QML800 allows drywall and interior contractors to quickly and efficiently lay out points for interior building construction.

Two lasers create a bright visible “X” directly on the point for easy, quick marking. The lasers are controlled by the mobile application running on with an Android tablet that stores the point files.

When a point is selected, the lasers position the “X” at that point in less than 5 seconds. For brightest conditions, a laser pointer accessory easily aids in finding the laser beams.

“The interior drywall contractor faces many challenges and complexities regarding scheduling, trade conflicts and layout accuracy. They need better tools and technologies that provide a quicker method of layout than tape measures,” said Mike Bank, general manager of Trimble’s Precision Tools business. “The QML800 is an affordable solution that addresses these challenges and automates the interior wall layout process.”

On the jobsite, there are many potential causes for errors. The QML800 laser accuracy is typically 1/8 inch (3 mm), easily meeting most jobsite requirements. Misinterpreting drawings and tape measure reading errors are eliminated. Because each point is laid out independently, compounding errors from one bad point to another is eliminated.

Complicated shapes, arcs and curves are now easy to layout. Multiple methods of simple point file creation are possible including CAD freeware, Excel spreadsheets and manual entry. Points can also be entered directly on the tablet at the jobsite as needed.

The QML800 is designed to be used by layout crews without a surveying background. The tablet is intuitive with the normal swipe, scroll and enlarge functions. Compared to the traditional drawing and tape measure process, the QML800 saves labor, reduces errors and increases productivity. The solution is fast, accurate and easy to use.

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