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Starborn Smart-Bit Pro Plug System

Starborn Smart-Bit Pro Plug System

Aljoma Lumber, supplier of Abaco Tropical Hardwood Decking, has named the Smart-Bit Pro Plug System for Wood from Starborn Industries as the preferred plugging system for use with the company's entire line of deck board, deck tile and railing products.

This unique system, which includes the patented Por Plug Tool for Wood and the patented Pro Plug Glue Nozzle, cuts the time required to plug a deck by more than half.

The Pro Plug System includes the:

  • Pro Plug Tool for Wood, which creates a screw hole and countersink that are perfectly matched to the Pro Plug fasteners and plugs.
  • Pro Plug Plug & Fastener Kit, which comes complete with wood plugs, screws, driver bit(s) and the company's patent-pending Pro Plug Glue Nozzle, which coats the side of the hole where the glue is needed.