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WALTER Type 29 ENDURO-FLEX TURBO Flap DiscsAbrasives


Industry leader WALTER Surface Technologies, providing metalworking solutions for more than 60 years, is introducing a new Type 29 flap discs designed to help end-user work better and faster.

Launching in February 2022, the new Type 29 ENDURO-FLEX TURBO™ is ideal for contoured and edge work applications. It provides the fastest removal rate in the industry. With a higher ergonomic angle of attack, the new Type 29 flap disc allows for a fast removal rate best suited for heavy-duty applications such as blending contours, edge work, as well as other finishing applications.

“We wanted to offer our customers the fastest removal rate of the ENDURO-FLEX TURBO™ in a new Type 29 to answer their need for aggressive stock removal when working with irregular workpiece surfaces. This helps metalworkers do their job more efficiently, comfortably and with less fatigue” says Cedrik Rochon, R&D Engineer, Finishing Solutions.

Maximize your productivity and save a valuable step in your finishing process thanks to the ENDURO-FLEX TURBO™ unique dual grit 36/60 which removes material quickly and leaves a paint-ready finish. Made from premium self-sharpening ceramic grain, it provides a fast removal rate. The patented Turbofan™ design minimizes heat transfer to the surface which increases the disc life. By funneling in air, it keeps the workpiece cooler, reduces discolorations & improve discs durability.

Experience safe and comfortable grinding. All ENDURO-FLEX TURBO™ flap discs are balanced allowing a vibration-free application and a comfortable operation reducing worker fatigue. They also comply with ANSI B7.1 standard.

Compatible with both steel and stainless steel, the high performance ENDURO-FLEX TURBO™ helps you work better, be more efficient and experience greater cost-savings


  • Fastest removal rate in the industry
  • Patented Turbofan™ cooling keeps the workpiece cooler for longer disc life
  • Vibration-free and comfortable grinding