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dB4 Acoustic Floor Underlayment from TrimacoSafety

dB4 Acoustic Floor Underlayment from Trimaco

Soundproof residential and commercial spaces with United Plastics’ line of sound-absorbing materials from Trimaco. The dB4 noise barrier products are used under floors and are designed with both commercial and residential noise reduction in mind. Available in lightweight and heavy-duty soundproofing options. 

dB4 Lite
A flexible and environmentally safe acoustic barrier that can be installed directly under finished floors including hardwoods, carpets and laminate finished flooring.

It is designed with resilient polyester fibers to reduce impact vibrations, and a 7-layer moisture blocking polyethylene film to protect finished floors. The combination of the two materials significantly reduces impact vibrations and footfall noise.

Designed with polyester, dB4 Lite does not contain any harmful chemicals, is environmentally friendly and can be 100% recycled after use. This acoustic floor underlayment is puncture resistant, lightweight, easy to install and acts as a vapor barrier. dB4 Lite bonds easily to the subfloor, and should be installed with the fiber side facing down regardless of the flooring type.

  • Ideal for commercial and residential construction, Multi-family units, hotels, home theaters, office spaces and other privacy protected areas
  • Install underlayment under hard surface floors and carpet
  • Do not use under LVT or ceramic tile
  • Sound barrier underlayment reduces impact vibrations
  • High IIC rating Delta IIC 25
  • Easy to install, and is 100% recyclable
  • Vapor barrier
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in 44″ x 27.3′ rolls

dB4 Max
This heavyweight, acoustic floor underlayment is used to block airborne and impact sound transmission in commercial and residential spaces. dB4 Max is flexible and versatile and can be used under finished floors including hardwood flooring, carpet, laminate and luxury vinyl tiles thicker than 5mm.

dB4 Max is designed with a mass loaded material attached to a polyester fiber layer. The combination of the materials significantly reduces both airborne sounds and structural vibrations including voices, television, music and footfall noises in multi-family units or office buildings.

Designed with POE (polyolefin Elastomer), this impact noise barrier is a low VOC material. dB4 Max is environmentally safe, does not contain unsafe chemicals and will not harden over time. The high performance sound barrier layer is puncture resistant, moisture resistant and easy to install during the flooring installation process. To install, use the fiber side facing up for nail down wood flooring. For all other finish flooring use the barrier side facing up.

  • Ideal for residential and commercial construction, movie theaters, office buildings, multi-family units, hotels and other privacy protected areas
  • Designed to be installed directly under finished floors
  • Can be used under hard surface floors, carpet, and LVT (5mm or thicker)
  • Acoustic floor underlayment reduces airborne and structural vibrations
  • High IIC rating Delta IIC 25
  • Easy to install, and will not harden over time
  • Moisture barrier protection in addition to sound reduction
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in 4′ x 25′ rolls

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