QuikRip issues new demo tool video

See how the QuikRip can pay for itself in one day. 

The innovative QUIKRIP demolition tool efficiently removes roof-sheathing, decking and most other materials more easily and without the painstaking use of traditional methods like stray two-by-fours or tediously placed pry-bars. 

Say goodbye to excruciating back pain and over extended elbows by using QUIKRIP, a safe, Durable and extremely productive demolition tool.

Applications include:

QuikRip HeaderRoof Removal

QuikRip removes roof sheathing with the roofing still attached - faster and easier than traditional methods. QuikRip cuts roof demolition time by 40%, saving labor and all associated expenses (labor costs, insurance claims, etc.). Using this ergonomic demolition tool ensures a safe, easy, and time-efficient roof removal process.

QuikRip HeaderDeck Removal

QuikRip, an innovative new demolition tool, also works remarkably well for removing an old deck. Deck boards rip up with ease, and without over-exerting the users’ back or upper body muscles. Ergonomically designed with a long sturdy fiberglass handle, QuikRip easily removes decking without excessive strain or bending.  

QuikRip HeaderSubfloor Removal

Subfloor removal is yet another demolition project that QuikRip can help complete faster, easier, and safer. QuikRip gets under the floor boards and rips them up with minimal force on the reinforced fiberglass handle. Made of 14 guage, powder-coated diamond plate steel, quality is assured. The reinforced fiberglass handle and steel diamond plate combine to make a durable and reliable subfloor demolition tool.

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