Posted July 1, 2016

PREBENA builds new manufacturing plant

New facility is 33 percent larger and adds a customer training center and an extended show room.

German pneumatic tool and fastener manufacturer PREBENA, parent company of PREBENA North American Fastener Corp. has built a new production plant that significantly increases its fastener manufacturing capacity.German pneumatic tool and fastener manufacturer PREBENA, parent company of PREBENA North American Fastener Corp. has built a new production plant that significantly increases its fastener manufacturing capacity.

Extending their current space by about one-third, the new building houses a modern customer training center along with an extended show room for PREBENA products. In addition, a new computerized warehouse containing spare parts and tools will enhance service levels.

Finally, a large part of the building is occupied by a new company, BoWiTec, which produces wire band, a pre-product for large scale production of staples and finish nails.

The additional space won in the existing buildings is already occupied by new production machines. Overall, the project has cost more than $5,000,000 and created many new jobs. The official inauguration took place at the end of May during an international company meeting with representatives and managers from around the globe.

“This numerous and diversified attendance once again demonstrates how strong the PREBENA Group is represented internationally," said Ulrich Wicke, general manager. "We look forward to continued success and excellent cooperation with our partners worldwide in the future.”

For PREBENA North American Fastener Corp., this large investment after the passing of the founder is a strong signal for a stable future. PREBENA is a family business and the family is committed for the long term and will continue this way. Learn more at