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Bomag BW138AD-5 Tandem Roller with Economizer TechnologyGas Engine Equipment

Gas Engine Equipment: Bomag BW138AD-5 Tandem Roller with Economizer Technology

Bringing compaction measurement technology to mid-size tandem vibratory rollers for the first time, BOMAG introduces the new ECONOMIZER as an optional feature on its BW138AD-5 roller.

The BW138AD-5 ECONOMIZER uses an acceleration sensor to measure the stiffness of the target material across the entire compacted area. Data from the sensor is instantly displayed via a series of 10 yellow LED lights on the roller’s instrument panel. The number of illuminated lights on the LED display increases in conjunction with increased compaction levels, allowing the operator to quickly react to changing conditions and ultimately produce smooth, consistent compaction results.

The ECONOMIZER signifies that maximum compaction has been achieved when the number of illuminated lights does not increase with subsequent roller passes. This technology effectively saves time and money by helping operators avoid making additional passes beyond the point of optimal compaction. Additionally, a red LED light on the display warns of potential over-compaction, thereby preventing fractured aggregate. A sudden drop in the number of lit LED lights indicates a weak spot in the material, allowing operators to immediately analyze and remedy that particular area of the project.

Powered by a Tier 4i 45.3-hp, water-cooled Kubota diesel engine, the BW138AD-5 delivers a maximum centrifugal force of 10,800 pounds. Offering a working width of 54.3 inches, the roller includes larger 35.4-inch diameter drums and provides dual vibration frequencies of 3,480 or 2,820 vpm for more efficient compaction and better surface quality results.

The roller’s bolt-on oscillating and articulating joint improves maneuverability by allowing the rear drum to follow the same path as the front drum while turning.

A suspended and vibration-isolated operator’s platform includes a fully adjustable seat for added comfort, while allowing clear visibility of the drums. Operator efficiency is enhanced with multifunctional dual travel levers and Smart Drive steering wheel that provides more working room and a full view of all machine controls.

The BW138AD-5 is equipped with a pressure water sprinkler system that includes a high-capacity 81.9-gallon water tank for extended operation intervals between refills. Filtered spray nozzles and automatic interval sprinkler control contribute to water savings, while solid windscreens ensure that the drums receive sufficient coverage even in windy conditions. Flexible, spring-actuated scrapers further contribute to optimum water distribution.

Requiring no daily grease points, the roller is very easy to maintain. Its durable composite hood allows efficient access to the engine, while modern circular instrumentation on the dashboard includes warning signals, an hour meter and a fuel level indicator. Accessible lashing rings, a single lifting point and integrated towing hook combine to make transport easy and reduce unloading times.

Standard safety features on the BW138AD-5 include foldable ROPS with seat belt, back-up alarm, emergency stop button, and front and rear working lights for night operation. The roller’s engine hood and instrument panel are also lockable to protect against vandalism.

For more information on the BW138AD-5 ECONOMIZER or the complete BOMAG Heavy product line, call 309-853-3571, toll-free 800-782-6624, e-mail or visit the BOMAG website at