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Cables & Lights: Buyers Products LED Light Bars

Buyers Products offers new LED light bar models and other LED lighting options for a variety of applications.

New heavy-duty LED light bars are available in three models and come standard with amber strobes:

  • the 24-inch model comes standard with eight modules,
  • the 49-inch model comes standard with 14 modules and
  • the 60-inch model comes standard with 14 modules.

The modular design allows for simple strobe upgrades and the light bars can be customized with blue, clear or red strobe heads.

The new dual-function strobe/traffic LED light bars are available in two models with 22 flash patterns:

  • the 37-inch model comes with 24 amber LEDs and
  • the 47-inch model comes with 32 amber LEDS.

The light bars feature a durable, anodized-aluminum housing and come with easy-to-install adjustable mounts.

The new LED mini light bars feature 32 high-power, surface-mounted, amber LEDs and a low-profile, clear acrylic lens with 24 selectable flash patterns and an easy-to-use on/off switch and pattern selector. At 15 inches in length, the LED mini light bar is available in a permanent mount version [model no. 8891071] and in a magnetic mount version [model no. 8891070] that can easily be transferred between vehicles with four rubber-covered magnetic mounts.

A combination of halogen and LED options provide a complete selection of signal, utility, strobe and towing lights. Buyers Products also manufactures lighting accessories and electrical components.

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