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CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Misting Fan KitPortable Electric Tools

CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Misting Fan Kit

The CRAFTSMAN® V20* Cordless Misting Fan Kit offers effortless cooling in a light weight and portable design. The V20* Cordless Misting Fan has a runtime of up to 2.9 Hours* with 3 fan speed settings and 3 misting settings.

This misting fan produces up to 515 CFM** while pumping water at a rate up to 1.3 GPH**. For convenience and versatility, this misting fan can be attached to a garden hose*** with its hose adapter or taken where you desire with its 5-gallon bucket*** mountable design.

  • 3 INDEPENDENT SETTINGS: For Mist and Airflow
  • BUCKET TOP RAILS: Designed to Sit on a 5 Gallon Bucket*
  • GARDEN HOSE ADAPTER: Draw Water From a Garden Hose*
  • PIVOTING HEAD: Adjust Angle of the Mist and/or Airflow