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Detroit Garage Works Launches Industrial Cleaning LineLubes & Chemicals

Detroit Garage Works Launches Industrial Cleaning Line

Detroit Garage Works proudly introduces an innovative industrial cleaning product line for niche industrial and automotive markets. The entirely new water-based line provides an alternative cleaning method for hard-core maintenance workers, dirty facilities, car enthusiasts or anyone working in extreme grease and grimy conditions who wants to avoid the use of solvent based or hazardous chemicals to clean with or damaging the environment.

The back-to-basics, quality-ingredient, blue-collar-tough-line, is made by a high-tech labor force and state-of-the-art equipment to provide excellent performance and value to the end-user.

The line is divided into two categories: heavy-duty skin care and heavy-duty cleaners, degreasers, parts wash, car wash and more.

The company positioned its offering not to be the product for all, but to provide the best product any industrial worker, auto mechanic, mechanical enthusiast, or dirty, greasy, grimy environment would ever need to experience the cleanest of clean.

Detroit Garage Works products are available through select distributors, and on-line. For more information and to find a distributor near you, call 800-745-9837 or go online at

Detroit Garage Works is a proud purveyor of high-quality industrial cleaning products and a subsidiary of the Martin Midwest Group. The company was created by two former cleaning chemical pioneers, one chemist, and a wealth of assistance from Detroit’s finest factory workers, mechanics, engineers, weekend car enthusiasts, airline mechanics, and professional motorsports teams. Detroit Garage Works opened in 2015.