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Digitool Industrial Grade Torque Tools

Digitool Solutions is proud to announce the launch of its full line of Industrial Grade Torque Tools into the U.S. markets.

Digitool product represents American technology at its best with patented engineering and designs to meet the challenges for today’s demands in all torque applications industry wide. DTS officially started as a manufacturer in 2008 and all attention and effort was directed towards product development and technologies.

The line of tools that currently represent the DTS line covers calibration level checkers accurate to .5% and applied torque from 12 In-Lbs up to 1000 Ft-Lbs using 10- 100% of the full scale.

Digitool products also feature the capabilities of measurements in In-Lb, Ft-Lb, and Nm scales and drive sizes from 1/4 up to 1 inch.

The Digital line of products highlight patented design and engineering and DTS manufactures both the electronic and mechanical components of the tools. DTS Torque and Angle tools also feature the company's instant gyro synchronization for angle measurement in any position the tool is used. Torque accuracy + - 1% from 10-100% of scale and angle presets of 5 to 360 Degrees.

The digital groups of torque meters have the unique application of turning any Square drive hand tool into a fully capable torque wrench covering every scale. Portable and excellent for use in closed spaces, these tools offer the same technology and accuracy of a full size wrench for an unlimited list of applications.

Digitool Solutions is ready to set the new Standard in Torque Tool Technology and this is just the start of a whole new category of tools soon to be announced.

  • Preset Torque Wrenches
  • Adjustable Dual Scale Click Style Wrenches
  • Digital Torque & Angle Wrenches, (all scales)
  • Digital Torque Checkers, (all scales)
  • Digital In-Line Torque Meters, (all scales)
  • Torque Multipliers Proudly Made in the USA