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Flexovit Capstone

Flexovit USA has introduced Capstone - a new, patent pending, cupwheel alternative.

Flexovit Captsone Flexovit Capstone

Capstone is a grinding wheel designed as an alternative product to Type 6 and Type 11 cupwheels. It is designed to be used on the same tools and applications as non-reinforced cupwheels but is fully reinforced for maximum safety.

The Capstone has a fast metal removal rate with less pressure, and without gouging the work surface.

Capstone wheels fit completely under Type 11 guards. They are built with 4 full layers of high tensile fiberglass reinforcement for maximum workplace safety.

Established in Angola, New York, in 1977, Flexovit USA is a manufacturer of high productivity abrasive products for portable power tools. Flexovit manufactures grinding wheels, cutting wheels, and abrasive flap discs at its 100,000 square foot ISO Quality Certified manufacturing facility.