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Gobi Heat Duck Cotton WorkwearSafety

Gobi Heat Duck Cotton Workwear 

Working outside comes with benefits like enjoying the fresh air, ensuring you receive your daily dose of Vitamin D and overall boosting your focus and creativity. Yet when winter sneaks its way in, an outdoor office can be a lot less appealing in the frigid air.

Gobi Heat apparel is launching their new Duck Cotton Workwear jacket and vest for those long cold days. The new product includes:

  • Up to 9 hours of battery life
  • Conductive thread elements: 99% energy efficient compared to carbon fiber
  • 3 heat settings: low, medium, and high
  • 13.4 oz. Duck Cotton Material
  • Compact battery that is both comfortable and discreet
  • Built in shoulder gussets for maximum flexibility, nylon interior, elastic cuffs, removable hood

Not only does Gobi warm your body but is also giving “hot head” a different meaning. With their trendy and functional beanies you’ll never get a “head cold” again. The heated beanies include:

  • Up to 7.5 hours of battery life
  • Cotton/Acrylic fiber blend material
  • Heat zones right over each ear
  • Comfortable one-size design

Don’t let the weather keep you from your enjoying your outdoor office. Gobi heat is here to keep you warm during the winter storm.