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Grex P635L 23-Gauge Headless PinnerPower Nailers & Staplers

Grex P635L 23-Gauge Headless Pinner

The GREX P635 wasn’t just a tool; it was a revolution. Launched in 2004, it redefined the meaning of fine woodworking. With its unmatched level of features, precision and reliability, it quickly set itself apart as the "lexus of pinners" for the past two decades.

As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the iconic P635, we’re propelling into the future with the introduction of the enhanced P635L. With new features like the auto-lockout with one-touch override and the on-board adjustable edge guide, the P635L is designed to make work even more efficient.

GREX P635LThe Best Just Got Better

So how are we highlighting 20 years of building the industry-proven P635? Well, certainly not by discontinuing it! Instead, this year we’re taking our legacy tool and making it even better with our updated GREX P635L model. The new “L” version has three enhancements you’ll love. First, we’ve added an auto lock-out with one-touch over-ride that helps prevent the inconvenience of dry-firing the tool.

There’s also a new on-board adjustable edge guide, which will help increase accuracy when driving lots of nails. We’ve made some subtle improvements within the tool too, to make it even more robust and so it requireless routine maintenance.

Nearly all the parts of the new P635L are forwards-and backwards-compatible with previous P635 pin nailers. At first glance, you might not even recognize that the new P635L is different from our previous P635. And that’s intentional!

You’ve come to trust what this pin nailer can do for your workhow durable and accurate it is, how comfortable and familiar it feels in hand and how easy it is to maintain. It’s a companion on your jobsite or at the workbench, in the same way as that favorite squarechisel or saw is. We haven’t taken a great nailer and cheapened anything about it.

It’s not going away, and our new model is not intended to force you to upgrade. Quite the opposite, actually. We hope you’ll consider purchasing a P635L because the P635 continually meets your needs, and adding another pin nailer or two will helyou work even better and more efficiently. We’re proud to say that no other nailer manufacturer has consistently made the same tool for as long as we have with our P635, and we have no intention of changing that commitment.

To show our gratitude to our longtime usersor to welcome you if you’re a first-time GREX customerwe’re offering a 20th-anniversary 20 percent discount on the P635L for a limitedt ime. We hope our lime-green legacy tool will improve the way you work with wood, because we know it’s an investment you don’t take lightly. Even more, we hope you’ll enjoy your pin nailer so much that you’ll pass it on to the next generation of craftsperson in your life where itwill continue to be used and counted on for decades to come.