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Haydon H-132-OS 2.5 Oval Slot StrutHangers

Haydon H-132-OS 2.5 Oval Slot Strut

Haydon Corporation, a leading manufacturer of metal strut framing systems, has announced the launch of its new oval slot “OS 2.5” configuration.

Currently producing out of our two domestic manufacturing facilities enables Haydon to ship its products coast to coast. Haydon offers products that are UL listed for an economical, versatile support system with various applications serving the electrical, mechanical, roo ng, OEM and solar industries.

New slot configuration 11/16” x 2.5” was created for the following functions:

  • 11/16” width of slot allows 5/8” diameter bolt clearance

  • 2.5” oval slot allows maximum adjustability for mounting locations

  • Produced in all 12ga profiles

  • Available in various materials and nishes:

    Stainless steel 304 and 316L, ASTM A-240
    HDG, ASTM A-1101-04-SS, coating ASTM A-123
    Powder coated nishes (green, white, black, gray) ASTM A-1101-04-SS, coating ASTM B-117 ZTC Zinc Trivalent Chromium ASTM 1101-04-SS, coating ASTM-B633-85