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Hougen 2 Morse Taper Mag DrillDrill Bits & Cutting Tools

Hougen #2 Morse Taper Mag Drill

Hougen Manufacturing, Inc (Swartz Creek, MI) has released a new model of the portable magnetic drill, the HMD2MT. This new model features a #2 Morse Taper arbor system for increased versatility by giving steel fabricators the flexibility to tackle more job operations with one tool.

With a Morse Taper arbor system, the HMD2MT can accept standard #2 Morse Taper accessories. This gives the drill the ability to tap holes using Hougen’s tapping adapter, use reamers for cleaning or enlarging holes, twist drills for blind and smaller holes, a chuck adapter for installing a drill chuck and the capability to countersink.

The drill also includes an adapter to use Hougen annular cutters up to a two-inch depth of cut. A double dovetail slide allows adjustment of the motor assembly to a higher level to accommodate longer tooling or extended depth of cut giving the drill a seven inch stroke.

The drill is powered by a two-speed motor with a forward/reverse option for use when tapping holes. The HMD2MT comes standard with a pilot light to help the operator to more efficiently and quickly line up the cutting tool with the holes center location in low light conditions.

The addition of a two-stage magnet increases magnetic holding power by 30% when the drill motor is turned on. This saves energy and increases magnet life.

The HMD2MT has many additional features that make the drill easier to use; a coolant system, a robust housing design with an ergonomic carrying handle, a spot to hold the hex wrench, reversible feed handles and a D-ring on the back of the magnet for quickly attaching the safety chain. The drill also includes a carrying case.

The HMD2MT weighs just 40 lbs., measures 22-5/16"H x 7-1/2"W x 12-3/4" long and provides drilling capacities from 9/16" up to 1-5/8" (14-41mm) diameter and 2" (50mm) depth of cut (with Hougen annular cutters). Tapping capacity up to 5/8”, reaming up to 3/4” and twist drills up to 3/4”.

The drill has an electrical rating of 10A and 250/450 RPM motor with reverse. For safety the HMD2MT incorporates Hougen’s exclusive features to ensure a safe work environment—including a no-adjustment safety switch, which shuts down the drill motor if lift of the magnetic base is an LED indicator that monitors a sensor and alerts if an unsafe operational condition exists.

A two-stage power on switch prevents drill rotation unless the magnet has first been engaged, and, in the case of a power interruption, safety circuitry will keep the drill motor off after power is restored until the start button is manually depressed. The HMD2MT is made in the USA.