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Big Gator Tools Metric V-DrillGuideDrill Bits & Cutting Tools

Big Gator Tools Metric V-DrillGuide

Big Gator Tools continues to expand its drill guide line with the introduction of the new MDG2000NP Metric V-DrillGuide (10-14mm).

This drilling accessory allows users to have the precision of a drill press for the fraction of the price without losing the accuracy. This drill bit guide is the 5th drill guide by Big Gator Tools and the 2nd metric versions. This marks the 9th tool designed and patented by Big Gator Tools.

“This new Metric drill guide has 9 holes, and is the largest Metric version available,” said Bruce Rooney, Owner of Big Gator Tools and designer of the Metric V-DrillGuide (10-14mm). “This drill guide solves the biggest challenges portable drilling users face – drilling straight every time.”

The portable Metric V-DrillGuide (10-14mm) is easy to use: hold the drill guide on the material, clamp and drill. It can be used on various surfaces.

The Metric V-DrillGuide (10-14mm) has 9 holes that will not be worn-out because of the rigorous heat-treatment process used for the steel tool. These holes are smooth, unlike drilled or reamed holes. The hole sizes and hole alignment marks are permanently embedded onto the guide. The holes sizes: 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5, 13, 13.5, 14mm.

All of our various V-DrillGuides stand out in the industry and are considered innovative due to the 90° “V- groove” design that runs through the entire guide. The “V-groove” is found on the bottom of the guides that allow users to drill on round or cornered material. The bottom also features a flat base to allow users to work on flat surfaces. All V-DrillGuides carry a lifetime warranty and are 100% USA made. Time and money will be saved by drilling a hole once with perfectly aligned holes on wood, plastic, metal or other surfaces.

Other sizes include:

  • STD2000DGNP: Standard V-DrillGuide (3/8” – 1/2”)
  • STD1000DGNP: Standard V-DrillGuide (1/8” – 3/8”
  • MDG1000NP: Metric V-DrillGuide (3-9.5mm)
  • SDGMINI: MINI V-DrillGuide

Since its launch in 2005, Big Gator Tools has become an industry leader in innovative, precise and high-quality tools. Big Gator Tools distributes and sells its patented drill and tap guides and has recently become a distributor (2016) for selected favorite products.

Headquartered in Louisburg, KS USA, with offices in Drexel, MO. For more information on the full line of Big Gator Tools’ products, contact or visit