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Industrial Cord Connector

The Industrial Cord Connector provides a safe and easier way to connect your electrical cords together. The Industrial Cord Connector is proudly Made in the USA in Sweetwater, Texas and eliminates the need to knot or tape cords together, which can expose conducting wire and increase the risk of fire, burns or electrical shock. It protects electrical cords from outdoor elements and prevents cord disconnects and ground plugs from breaking off.

The Industrial Cord Connector includes the connector body and two cinch straps. Cord Stops are available in sizes #10, #12, #14 and #16. The higher the number, the smaller the cord size. Uses include:

  • #16-work lights, electric trimmers, etc.
  • #14 and #12- typical uses are power tools such as circular saws
  • #10-large loads

The Industrial Cord Connector:

  • Protects against arc flashing
  • Eliminates the need to knot or tape cords together
  • Prevents frustrating cord disconnects and ground plugs from breaking off
  • Protects your electrical connections from outdoor elements

Note: Keep in mind all electrical cords are made with different casing thicknesses.

Replacement pairs of cinch straps are also available. 

Click here to watch a video of the Industrial Cord Connector in application.