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Industrial Magnetics Magnetic V-Pad ClampsPipe Tools

Industrial Magnetics Magnetic V-Pad Clamps

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. recently introduced Magnetic V-Pad Clamps for welders who are looking for a fast, low-profile, and versatile holding solution for their workpieces.

The V-Pads' dual, pivoting, magnetic-heads can position and hold angles up to 180°. Each V-pad contains four, powerful magnets - two on its back, and one on each pivoting foot, giving the welder several options for holding configurations.

Quick to set up and great for repetitive applications, they're easy to position and work on flat, angled or round stock.

Pete Friedrich, IMI's strategic accounts manager, states, "I think these handy, magnetic v-pad clamps are one of the best tools a welder could have in their arsenal when performing small, light-duty, or intricate work. They're especially useful for cradling pipe or tubes, as this magnet style lets you rotate the tubing so you can seam weld the pipe or tube ends."

V-pads are available in two different sizes and holding strengths and come in sets of two.

For additional product information, visit the Magnetic V-Pad Clamp webpage at, or call 888.582.0822 to speak with a customer application specialist.