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Zurn Expands Connected Backflow Preventer PortfolioPipe Tools

Zurn Expands Connected Backflow Preventer Portfolio

Zurn Industries, LLC announces the expansion of its Zurn Connected Backflow Preventer product line with the Zurn Connected Pressure Monitor (ZCSM-PF) and Zurn Connected Flow Meter Option (ZCSM-BTM).

Backflow preventers are designed to safeguard the water supply. Zurn Connected Backflow Preventers provide real-time data via a mobile-friendly web portal, plumbSMART™, on system pressure changes, water consumption, relief valve discharge. The Zurn Connected Flood Control system features remote water shutoff capabilities.

“Our Connected Flood Control System was the first of its kind,” said Warren Anderson, Zurn Senior Product Manager, IoT. “This time around and moving forward, our innovation team continues to listen to the customer and lead the connected path for plumbing.”

“Every uncovered data insight boils down to how will it make the customer experience better—so the maintenance professional or building owner can respond faster, make decisions easier, and use water smarter,” added Tony Wilcox, Zurn Vice President, Innovation & Digital Solutions. “This portfolio covers all the capabilities our customers are asking for. It will make a difference in how the products perform and how they can do their jobs.”

The expanded product line includes the Zurn Connected Pressure Monitor (ZCSM-PF) and Zurn Connected Flow Meter Option (ZCSM-BTM). The new Connected Pressure Monitor tracks incoming water pressure and allows the user to set real-time alerts for preset high and low pressure. The pressure monitor is available for all large DC and RP backflow preventers. Zurn will connect all Zurn Wilkins large RP backflow preventers purchased after March 1, 2020 for free, which includes the pressure monitor hardware and ethernet or LTE gateway.

The Connected Flow Meter Option (ZCSM-BTM) is an available upgrade combined with the Zurn Connected Pressure Monitor. The Flow Meter Option tracks the system’s flow rate and total water consumption. Real-time alerts can be set for water waste. This upgrade option is available for all DC and RP backflow preventers 2-1/2” to 12”. The Zurn Connected Pressure Monitor and Zurn Connected Flow Meter Option combine pressure and flow monitoring within one solution.

Zurn Industries, LLC is a recognized leader in commercial, municipal, healthcare and industrial markets. Zurn offers the largest breadth of engineered water solutions, including a wide spectrum of sustainable plumbing products. Zurn delivers total building solutions for new construction and retrofit applications that enhance any building’s environment. For more information, visit