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Hand Tools: KNIPEX Snap Ring Pliers

Knipex snap ring pliers.

Available in Heavy Duty - And Extra Heavy Duty.

When working with snap rings or retaining rings, nothing compares to the versatility, functionality and durability offered by Snap Ring Pliers from KNIPEX. Available with two tip styles and a broad variety of tip diameters (.035" to .126"), KNIPEX's Snap Ring Pliers are designed to provide outstanding performance. Unlike conventional snap ring pliers which are manufactured through a stamping process, KNIPEX's

Snap Ring Pliers are forged from chrome vanadium electric steel, are designed to minimize tip breakage, and offer extended tool life.

KNIPEX's Super Heavy Duty Precision Series of Snap Ring Pliers (48 & 49 number series) are perfect for work with both internal and external retaining rings. Available with a straight or 90° angled head, the Precision Series is built to offer maximum performance. Inserted tips of highly condensed spring steel minimize breakage and provide 10 times the service life of conventional snap ring pliers. The Precision Series is also designed to minimize deformation when spreading snap rings.

Similar to the Precision Series, the Heavy Duty Forged Series (44 & 46 number series) offer exceptional strength with solid forged, non-slip tips that significantly outlast pliers with interchangeable tips. This series offers pliers to service both internal and external rings.

The tips on the Internal Snap Ring Pliers (44 series) are forged inward to prevent the retaining rings from slipping off and are used for installing and removing internal rings on the inside of a bore hole or housing.

The tips on the External Snap Ring Pliers (46 series) are forged outward and are used for installing rings on the outside of a shaft or groove. These series of pliers are available with straight, 45° & 90° angled heads.

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