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Klein Tools Conduit Locknut Wrench

Klein Tools introduces the Conduit Locknut Wrench, an innovative tool designed to easily loosen and tighten conduit connectors in tight or deep cut-in boxes.

Perfect for remodel work where the cut-in boxes are filled with existing wires, the Conduit Locknut Wrench (Cat. No. 56999) features two wrench heads for ½” and 3/4” conduit connectors.  Using a patented drive shaft, the wrench heads rotate each other when twisted.  This eliminates the need for side to side tool movement.  Each wrench head also features a hole for a screwdriver as a lever to enable more torque on extra tight connectors. 

Conduit Locknut Wrench features include:

  • Easily attach locknuts in tight or deep cut-in boxes.
  • For 1/2 and 3/4 inch connectors.
  • Heavy duty steel construction enables needed torque for extra tight connections.

“Typical methods for tightening or loosening conduit connectors, like a hammer and screwdriver, a pair of pliers or your fingers, rarely work well because of the limited range of motion inside a tight or deep cut-in box,” says David Mueller, senior product manager at Klein Tools.  “The conduit locknut wrench gets into tight spaces that your hands or other tools won’t.”

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