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Snap-on Gas Meter Wrench

The new Gas Meter Wrench, a tool designed jointly between the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) and Snap-on Industrial, reduces the risk of injury to utility workers tasked with servicing or replacing gas meters, while improving productivity and efficiency.

This new wrench is the result of research performed by UWM engineering students, in conjunction with the university’s Consortium for Advanced Research in Gas Industries (CARGI), an organization dedicated to improving ergonomics, safety, productivity and quality in the utility world.

The UWM researchers discovered that loosening the gas meters’ large fasteners, some of which have been rusted and tightly torqued for years, requires workers to use a tremendous amount of force. Conventional wrenches often slip, resulting in a particularly high rate of shoulder, knee and ligament injuries.

Applying the results of their research, students designed a new prototype wrench that would help to prevent these serious and costly injuries. It was tested in the field, and in the laboratory to measure the strength required and pressure placed on the user’s hands during use.

Those measurements were then tested against traditional adjustable pipe wrenches. From there, Snap-on refined the wrench and made additional improvements to its functionality to enable technicians to apply greater leverage and torque without fear of the wrench slipping under extreme forces.

Features and benefits of the new Gas Meter Wrench include:

  • Reduces peak pressure points on the hand by 20% as compared with traditional wrenches, and reduces muscle activity in the arm and shoulder by 20% and 40%, respectively.
  • Five interchangeable heads for maximum versatility, while reducing the number of tools carried to the job site
  • Quick-release head retention mechanism for improved performance in the field
  • Rugged and lightweight aviation-grade aluminum body
  • Reduced risk of slippage during use
  • Long, 19” handle for easier application of needed force while reducing the risk of injury
  • Flank Drive wrenching system to grab fasteners on the flats, increasing torque and preventing fastener corners from rounding off
  • 3.5 lbs weight

For more information on the new Gas Meter Wrench, call Snap-on Industrial at 877.740.1900, or visit