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Little Beaver Extended D-Series Augers

Little Beaver Inc., a manufacturer of quality earth drills and miniature trenchers, offers D-Series augers for extended drilling depths. The series features a secure drive pin connection, allowing operators to drill deeper than 15 feet during geotechnical and environmental testing and foundation repair. Augers in the series range from 4 to 18 inches in diameter.

“There was a need for a heavy-duty auger that not only drilled farther than our standard snap-on augers but also featured a stronger connection point to handle deeper drilling,” said Mike Hale, Little Beaver sales manager. “We designed our D-Series augers with the capability to drill down to 100 feet with auger extensions. The augers, although sturdy, are only half the weight of competitive brand augers of the same size. This significant weight reduction makes transportation, on and off the jobsite, easier for the operator.”

Little Beaver offers its D-Series augers and extensions in 36-, 48- and 60-inch lengths with standard tips and blades, carbide blades or heavy-duty tips. The tips and blades exchange easily to accommodate varying soil types, allowing the operator to quickly switch on the jobsite.

The D-Series augers feature solid-top construction and easily connect to the drill with a drive pin. Since the augers reach deeper depths, they are most commonly used with Little Beaver’s most powerful drill, the Big Beaver Drill Rig.

The Big Beaver offers one-man operation and exceptional portability. The 26-inch-wide rig fits through gates and doorways to access areas unavailable to truck-mounted units. The drill’s hydraulic power source achieves as much as 690 foot-pounds of drilling torque for fast and efficient drilling.

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