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Milwaukee 48-22-1020 Hammer TackerHand Tools

Hand Tools: Milwaukee 48-22-1020 Hammer Tacker

Milwaukee Tool's new Hammer Tacker (48-22-1020) is designed to deliver 3X longer life than the competition. Built with a reinforced, rust-resistant, all-metal frame, this new product will redefine durability expectations for the professional remodeler.

“As we spent time on the jobsite investigating this category, it was clear that users were frustrated with the premature wear and tear they were seeing on their existing products,” said Bobby Shaw, Director of Product Marketing, Milwaukee Tool. “Milwaukee’s Hammer Tacker was designed from the ground up to withstand tough conditions across a variety of usage environments including drops and harsh weather, delivering longer life and unparalleled productivity for the end user.”

A rust-resistant, all-metal frame protects the Hammer Tacker from harsh weather and drops from heights of 10 feet or more on the jobsite.

A metal flush drive surface allows the back of the Hammer Tacker to be used to seat staples, without causing cracks in the housing; while an integrated staple puller eliminates the need to carry additional tools to the jobsite to assist with pulling and reseating staples.

A jam-free magazine and overmolded non-slip grip provide ultimate utility and safety.

Available February 2015, the new Hammer Tacker comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

*Works with T50 staple sizes: 5/16”/ 8mm; 3/8” / 10mm; 1/2” / 12mm

*T-50 is a trademark of Arrow Fastener Co., Inc.

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