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RIDGID SeeSnake Small Reels Get EnhancedPipe Tools

RIDGID SeeSnake Small Reels Get Enhanced

RIDGID®, a part of Emerson’s professional tools portfolio, continues to innovate its complete line of diagnostic solutions, recently expanding functionality within its small-reel line for enhanced user experience inside and out of the drain line. For over 25 years, RIDGID has led market innovation in camera reels, setting the industry standard for ruggedness, pushability and ease of use.

“Every tool RIDGID makes is developed with the trade professional in mind and how it can help them do their job better. The latest enhancements to our SeeSnake® Small Reels focus on ease of use and improved in-pipe visibility for jobsite efficiency,” said Kelsey David, product manager, RIDGID for Emerson. Enhancements were made to three SeeSnake Small Reels:

• SeeSnake microDRAIN™ APX™ – Now with TruSense® Technology, the microDRAIN APX has enhanced camera functionality and is ideal for navigating up to 65 feet of tight turns including P-traps and toilets in 1.25- to 4-inch lines. TruSense establishes a two-way datalink between the camera head and a TruSense enabled monitor.

With TruSense, advanced sensors on the camera head convey valuable information about the in-pipe environment, including the high-dynamic range (HDR) image sensor which offers bright, clear in-pipe imaging in difficult lighting conditions.

The TiltSense™ Inclinometer measures the camera's angle and displays the degree of tilt on the monitor – giving professionals a useful indicator of the pitch of the camera in-pipe. When paired with a CSx series monitor, Auto-Image Flip digitally rotates the camera image every 180 degrees.

• SeeSnake NANOreel® – Now with built-in kickstand for improved ergonomics that can be used upright, at a 45-degree angle for improved leverage, or planted on four feet to provide clearance. The SeeSnake NANOreel features a high-flex push cable that can navigate small diameter pipe in up to 82 feet of line. Its small diameter camera head allows the camera to clear sharp bends in 1- to 2 1/2-inch pipe where conventional inspection systems cannot always inspect.

• SeeSnake microREEL® CA™ – This entry-level reel now comes with a built-in kickstand and an improved CA-350 adapter and docking handle to enhance use with the microCA-350 inspection camera. The SeeSnake microREEL CA features a mid-flex push cable ideal for 1.5- to 5-inch diameter pipe and tight-turn radius inspections up to 100 feet.

SeeSnake microReels are backed by the manufacturer’s RIDGID Full Lifetime Warranty.

RIDGID diagnostic solutions provide a range of options that work seamlessly together to help find, see and pinpoint exactly where a problem lies with industry-leading precision. Each is engineered to last, so no matter how many times you jam a cable down a pipe or drag a reel out of the truck, you can trust them to get the job done.

To purchase or learn more about RIDGID diagnostic solutions, visit, or call toll-free: 1-800-4RIDGID.