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Metabo Cordless 18V Grease GunPortable Electric Tools

Metabo Cordless 18V Grease Gun

Metabo, a leading German international manufacturer of professional-grade cordless and corded hand-held power tools and accessories in the US, introduces their new Cordless 18V Grease Gun, the FP 18 LTX.

“The new Metabo Cordless 18V Grease Gun is our first entry into the market and has been designed with a focus on end-user adaptability. Depending upon the application, the operator can choose between 2-settings of discharge pressure.

"Further precision is achieved with the 10-position thumb wheel that adjusts grease delivery from 1 to 25 shots. Adding to its utility, grease can be loaded three ways: grease cartridge, direct filling from a grease bucket, or the resident canister can be filled directly.” said Joseph Masters, Metabo’s Senior Product Manager.

Customer experience is further improved with additional features dedicated to ease of use and ergonomics. The tool can be carried via easy-grip handle; however, it can also be transported using a shoulder strap with tethering points to reduce fatigue. The weight can be completely removed from the user by adding a Metabo accessory magnet (sold separately) to the integrated M8 threaded attachment point.

Finally, the 18 Grease Gun includes two LED lights, one integrated on the front of the tool housing and the second located on the end of the grease hose, for maximum work visibility. The FP 18 LTX 18V Grease Gun comes standard as a bare tool (600789850).

Metabo recommends the 4.0 Ah LiHD or 5.2 Ah Li-Power Battery Packs for use with this item (sold separately). Grease capacity thresholds top out at 14 oz. cartridges and tube lengths of 48”. Maximum pressure is 10,000 / 6,000 (psi) with flow rates of 10.25 / 3.5 (oz/min). Optional accessories include a mounting magnet with 50 lbs. of pull away force, a locking coupler, and threaded cartridge adapter.