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Reasor Can & Bucket Warmers

Reasor Can & Bucket Warmers

Reasor One Gallon can warmer
Reasor Five Gallon pail warmer
Reasor Five Gallon Cylinder warmer

Solving cold weather application problems for caulk and other temperature sensitive construction products was just the beginning for Reasor Companies, innovators and manufacturers of the Caulk Warmer warming bag.

Billed as "The Warming Experts", company inventor and founder Lance Reasor has many ideas for his patent pending warming technology, and warming wraps for 1 gallon cans, 2 gallon pails and 5 gallon pails and cylinders seemed to be the next logical step in providing warming solutions to the construction industry, along with other industries such as boat building, auto body repair, food service and more.

Working with requests and feedback received at various inventor and trade shows, Reasor saw a need to apply the warming concept to bigger items that could not fit in the Caulk Warmer bag. The new warming wraps use the same patent-pending warming technology concept as the Caulk Warmer, but the light weight economical heat source and flexible heat reflecting shield are encased in a heavy duty nylon canvas wrapper that wraps around the can or bucket, sealing tightly with hook and loop.

The heat wraps keep container contents warm, and are optimal for use in keeping products at useable temperatures within product temperature requirements for proper application. Many products require elevated temperatures for proper application and must be kept above 50 degrees, but Reasor advises that the heat wraps are not intended to replace manufacturers cold weather application recommendations.

Uses for the warmers vary from adhesives, elasto-meric sealers, sprayfoam and more, and boat builders, aircraft technicians and auto body repair shops will find the wraps to be especially useful for keeping epoxies and resins warm for better mixing and application.

The heat wraps plug into a 120V AC or 12V DC inverter, require only 50 watts of power, have a convenient cord storage pouch on the front and the internal temperature is thermostatically controlled.
Contractors and other construction professionals will find that the warming wraps cost much less to buy, and are more cost effective and efficient to use than other warming methods currently used for keeping temperature sensitive products warm such as running trucks all day, using heat guns or storing products in coolers with treble lights.

The Caulk Warmer and 5 Gallon Bucket Warmer were awarded Bronze Medals in recognition of their invention from the Minnesota Inventors Congress. The warmers are available for purchase on the website at, and supplier relationships are continually being developed. More information is available by contacting the company at 1-866-927-6757, or through email at