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Red Rock Distribution Znal Zinc/aluminum Capped ScrewThreaded Fasteners & Rod

Red Rock Distribution Znal Zinc/aluminum Capped Screw

Red Rock Distribution introduces Znal, a revolutionary zinc/aluminum capped screw with an innovative patent-pending design that will transform the world of fasteners as we know it. Designed for speed and productivity far beyond competitor products, it’s the smart buy for contractors and manufacturers focused on top quality and the bottom line.

Znal’s nick tip enables a proven cutting speed .59 seconds faster per screw than the best available competitor, dramatically improving productivity on the job site. Our time study resulted in Znal drill time of 2.98 seconds vs. 3.57 seconds for the closest competitor.

It also reduces waste due to the cap design, which is firmly attached to multiple points on the body of the screw, including under the bearing surface as well as onto the hex head of the body of the screw.

“Imagine the labor savings you could realize over the next year by switching to Znal,” said Kyle Clark, president of Red Rock Distribution. “We thoroughly tested Znal through an independent laboratory to ensure its quality, and I am excited to introduce this clearly superior fastener to the North American market.”

Znal is stronger than most commercial fasteners due to the cap’s composition of Zamak 5 or Zinc Alloy 5 with a higher copper content, which is stronger than the standard Zamak 3 used in other products’ caps. The indented cap seats properly with all major brands of hex driver bits, which will reduce “walking” of the fastener, further increasing productivity.

See our video testing Znal vs. Zac Cap at or on our YouTube channel.

Znal is available in #12 and #14 diameters from 7/8” – 2-1/2” in length. Other sizes may be available for specific applications. It is ideally suited for the construction industry, including metal buildings, wood buildings, self-storage units, pole barns, decks and many other jobs.

It is sold exclusively in North America through Red Rock Distribution in partnership with inventor and family-owned manufacturer SEC Manufacturing in Taiwan.

Founded in 2007, Red Rock Distribution, LLC, is the United States patent owner and exclusive wholesaler selling through distributors only. We offer an array of fasteners in partnership with SEC Manufacturing in Taiwan. Our Znal brand is a revolution to the fastener industry, offering proven significantly increased speed and less waste than the closest competitor. Based in Waukesha, Wisconsin, we are a family-owned company with 40 years of experience providing superior customer service. Learn more at