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Simpson Strong-Tie Deck-Drive DCU Screw Plug SystemThreaded Fasteners & Rod

Simpson Strong-Tie Deck-Drive DCU Screw Plug System

Simpson Strong-Tie has introduced the Deck-Drive DCU screw plug solution, a complete hidden deck-fastening system comprising the Simpson Strong-Tie premium DCU Composite screw, the DCU screw plug and an Auto-Set Driver bit (each sold separately).

Ideal for decking and trim applications using composite or PVC lumber, the DCU screw plug solution offers contractors a simple way to cover exposed fastener heads that’s as easy as drive it, plug it, and tap it flush. With the deck plug solution, screw heads are invisible, creating a smooth, professional finish.

“When it comes to decks and trim, visible screw heads have become accepted, but they’re seldom desired by either contractors or homeowners,” says Simpson Strong-Tie product manager Scott Park. “The Deck-Drive DCU screw plug solution provides a comprehensive and convenient solution to the problem of exposed fasteners and enables builders to easily achieve a strong connection with a clean, professional look.”

Made from major composite and PVC board manufacturers’ materials in a variety of colors and finishes to match deck and trim boards, DCU screw plugs work well with hand-drive applications, as well as with the Quik Drive® PRO300S auto-feed screw driving system. The Auto-Set Driver bit features a non-abrasive depth stop to automatically countersink screws for inserting the plugs, which are easily secured in place with the gentle tap of a hammer.

Simpson Strong-Tie is packaging the screws and plugs separately to allow building product dealers and distributors to customize their inventory mix from the 39 different composite and PVC lumber colors and finishes currently available. The Deck-Drive DCU screw plug solution includes:

  • Deck-Drive DCU screw plugs
  • Deck-Drive DCU Composite screws
  • Auto-Set Driver bit (for use with drills or impact drivers)
  • Quik Drive Auto-Set Driver bit (for use with Quik Drive auto-feed systems)

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