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Rex-Cut Laser Braze Finishing Wheels

The migration from manual to robotic deburring and grinding is changing the metal finishing landscape. Companies that are implementing automated finishing systems are looking to ensure repeatable applications with consistent results.

Robotics are not nearly as adaptable as human operators. Automated finishing systems require abrasives with precise sizes, tolerances, and densities. Industry standard abrasive products often aren’t compatible.

This switch has allowed Rex-Cut Abrasives to open conversations and work closely with companies that build the robots as well as businesses purchasing and using the systems. Working with end-users has helped us develop products the industry needs, not just what we think they need. Custom abrasives to fit unique applications have become a large part of our business.

As an example, the automotive industry has worked with us to create a new abrasives product to suite their finishing systems. Laser Braze Finishing Wheels blend brazed seams on automotive roof joints, leaving a paintable finish. If a company using a robotic grinding system is not receiving the expected results, they can talk to us and we are often able to create a custom abrasive to improve their finishing process.

Open dialog between end-users and Rex-Cut Abrasives has helped us create efficient abrasives tailored to specific applications.