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Rex-Cut Abrasives Aluminator Grinding Wheels

The Aluminator Grinding Wheel by Rex-Cut Abrasives has a new and improved formula for faster weld grinding. The new Aluminator grinds 2.2 times more aluminum weld per minute compared to the original version and as for life, this revised formula outlasts the original wheel by 46%.

The Aluminator Grinding Wheel grinds and blends aluminum without clogging or loading. This cotton fiber wheel naturally breaks down as heat is generated, resulting in constant sharp grit being exposed to the aluminum work piece, eliminating loading and the need for wax or grinding aids.

Rex-Cut’s Aluminator offers increased grinding action, smooth operator control, very low vibration, with a RA finish of 200.

“In addition to the non-loading properties, the unique construction provides a very consistent metal removal rate for the entire life of the wheel,” states Jon Blake, R&D Manager. “Unlike other grinding wheels geared for aluminum, the entire working section of this wheel can be used without sacrificing productivity or finish.”

Rex-Cut is also producing this wheel in the original thickness and now a ¼” thick version for additional life.

The Aluminator is now available in 4.5”, 5”, 6”, and 7” diameters, in 36 grit.

Rex-Cut Abrasives provides the Metalworking industry with high performance, non-woven cotton fiber and other premium abrasive products, improving the daily grind for a worldwide customer network. Rex-Cut products are specialized for use on Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Mild Steel, and Exotic Metals. A 100% employee-owned organization, Rex-Cut offers many other specialty products for use on a variety of grinding, deburring, blending, and finishing applications. Learn more at