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Rockler Dust Right Vacuum AccessoriesSafety

Rockler Dust Right Vacuum Accessories

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has introduced seven new dust collection solutions to expand its line of Dust Right products. This wave of solutions includes several "missing links" to enhance the performance of existing dust collection setups, providing tighter fitting connections as well as out-of-the-way pipe installation and hose management accessories.

"Our collection of Dust Right innovations is something we continue to develop with great attention to detail," said Steve Krohmer, Rockler's vice president of product development. "Creating products that instantly solve age-old dust collection problems such as weak connections and tangled hoses is a challenge we enjoy and will continue to passionately pursue."

Anyone with experience rigging dust collection in a workshop environment is familiar with the need for pipes, hoses and fittings to be connected properly, or the system will not function as intended. Rockler is continuously developing accessories to fine-tune the Dust Right dust collection system. Here are the latest:

Dust Right Vacuum Harness
When using a shop vacuum in conjunction with the Dust Right Separator (45556), this harness straps them together so the user can roll them around in tandem without either unit tipping over, and without any of the hoses tangling with each other or dislodging from their fittings.

Schedule 40 Fittings
What is Schedule 40? It is the new standard in dust collection plumbing, thicker and more robust than Schedule 20 plumbing. This thicker piping requires fittings
that are made to accommodate the thicker pipe walls. Rockler has developed two adapters to fit Schedule 40 PVC pipe: one to connect 4-inch dust collection fittings (52680) and another to connect 4-inch dust hose (56472).

Dust Right Dust Hose Mounting Bracket
Facilitates attachment of a dust hose to a workbench, roller stand, stationary power tool, or other shop fixture.

Dust Right 4" Handle Docking Port Kit
This convenient storage solution for the Dust Right 4'' Quick Change Handle and Expandable Hose consists of two rubber straps that mount to the wall to hold the hose, plus a wall-mounted docking port for the handle.

Dust Right Magnetic Floor Sweep Attachment
This magnetic insert attaches to the Dust Right Floor Sweep (59524 and 53733) to filter out ferrous metal parts before they enter the dust collection system. This is particularly useful to collect dropped screws and fasteners while vacuuming the floor.

Hose Coupler for Dust Right Heavy-Duty Shop Vacuum Hoses
Allows Dust Right Heavy-Duty Shop Vacuum Hoses (58350 and 50669) to be connected end-to-end to create longer lengths of hose.

  • 53212 Dust Right Vacuum Harness – $29.99
  • 52680 Dust Right Schedule 40 PVC to 4'' Fitting Adapter – $14.99
  • 56472 Dust Right Schedule 40 PVC to 4'' Hose Adapter – $14.99
  • 51387 Dust Right Dust Hose Mounting Bracket – $19.99
  • 53568 Dust Right 4" Hose & Handle Docking Port Kit – $24.99
  • 50870 Dust Right Magnetic Floor Sweep Attachment – $14.99
  • 57530 Hose Coupler for Dust Right Heavy-Duty Shop Vacuum Hoses – $5.99

Rockler Dust Right products can be purchased at or at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware stores nationwide, as well as through the Rockler catalog. For store locations or a free catalog, visit or call 1-877-ROCKLER.