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Sena MeshPort Network Adapters for Bluetooth Headsets

Sena Industrial, leader in advanced wireless communications for team work environments, announced today the availability of its MeshPort adapters which allow almost any device, whether Sena branded or otherwise, to realize the full capabilities of multiplex mesh networks for more efficient, effective and safe team communication at construction sites. With the MeshPort Red adapter, tablet PCs and smartphones can be integrated into a Mesh network as well.

With Sena’s MeshPort adapters, companies can avoid the costs of replacing existing Bluetooth headsets regardless of the brand, as well as allow team members to use their own devices in Mesh network team communication environments. This is particularly appealing given the need for social distancing and avoiding the same use of headsets by multiple workers at a jobsite.

“We understand that not every work environment is going to have a Sena inventory of communications devices and may have workers who would prefer using their own equipment to communicate,” said Tae Kim, chief executive officer of Sena Technologies, Inc. “With our MeshPort adapters, our goal is to help customers better outfit their teams to communicate more effectively and safely while maximizing their investments.”

The MeshPort adapter line comes in two versions and features Sena’s proprietary Mesh Intercom protocol – MeshPort Blue and MeshPort Red. MeshPort Blue allows for any Bluetooth headset brand to integrate into a Mesh network. The MeshPort Red adapter supports the integration of tablet PCs and smartphones.

Mesh Intercom™ is a dynamic communication technology created by Sena that provides instant and effortless communication without a pre-grouping process. Mesh Intercom allows users to connect and communicate with nearby users with the simple touch of a button, minimizing the effort to set up the communication network.

The MeshPort adapters work seamlessly with Sena’s mesh-enabled industry leading TuffTalk M headsets to provide any work environment with the full benefits of mesh networks, including security, multiplex conversations, and hands-free use.

Both MeshPort Blue and Red are lightweight, weighing just over 60 g. (2 ounces) with a talk time of up  to 8 hours with standby time of 250 hours. In repeater mode, users can make connections to other devices (MeshPort or Sena Mesh headset) to better avoid obstacles indoors which can inhibit performance. Channels can be adjusted 1 to 9 in the MeshPort App to support larger teams in the work environment.

MeshPort Blue

MeshPort Blue is ideal for industrial work environments needing to retrofit existing Bluetooth headset inventory or to let individuals use their own Bluetooth headsets for communication in the work environment. MeshPort Blue allows users to take advantage of Sena’s Mesh Intercom capabilities regardless of the Bluetooth headset brand, such as AirPods or Google Pixel Buds.

Because workers may be using any type of light-weight Bluetooth headsets or headphones provided either by the company or provided by themselves, they can perform tasks in the workplace more freely and safely while being connected to other team members through the Mesh Intercom network.

MeshPort Red

MeshPort Red is ideal for connecting remote teams with onsite teams in industrial settings by integrating smartphones and tablets into one mesh system. This Sena Mesh system enables a remote worker using a smartphone or a tablet to join the conversation from any location using the MeshPort Red. This device allows the remote worker to have access to the local Mesh Intercom communication using a carrier or WIFI with VolP by transferring voice communication.

More and more, handheld and tablet devices are being integrated into workplace environments to access data, run applications that draw on the data processing power of these devices, or simply to help train workers from a distance. To integrate these devices the new MeshPort Red provides a mesh interface for the user's application needs. That is why systems integrators and manufacturing directors find MeshPort Red as a valuable tool when building a custom solution for their teams.

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About Sena Industrial

Established in 1998, Sena Technologies, Inc. is the leading innovator in the motorcycle and outdoor sports communication market. After long-standing success producing enterprise-level Bluetooth® networking products over the last decade, Sena has expanded its offerings into the motorcycle, outdoor sports, and most recently industrial communications segments.

Sena has been able to bridge its strength in outdoor sports communications to industrial settings where the need for exceptionally reliable, efficient, and safe communication is required. Sena is working with some of the world’s leading brands in the food processing, manufacturing, construction, warehousing and supply chain, and arbor and landscaping industries. Sena is headquartered in Irvine, CA with offices in EMEA, APAC and North America.

With 20 years of technical development experience behind it, Sena continues to produce innovative communication solutions for two-wheel and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. The company now looks forward to satisfying the needs of customers and partners through the next 20 years and beyond.