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Sokkia SHC5000 Field Computer Accessories

Sokkia announces new accessories for the SHC5000 field computer — a QWERTY keyboard and stylus. The accessories are designed to offer alternatives and improve performance in challenging weather environments.

“The new landscape-style keyboard features a positive response, raised key, and a full QWERTY keyboard design. Operators can quickly and easily attach it to the SHC5000 with a clip and ram mount ball,” said Ray Kerwin, director of global surveying products.

“If touchscreen operation is inhibited by poor weather environments, the keyboard offers an excellent alternative. It can also be helpful when operators need to enter detailed alphanumeric descriptions or navigate through menus without using the touch screen.”

The new electrically grounded stylus is designed to improve the performance of the touch screen in snowy, rainy, wet or cold conditions by only looking for positive responses on the display.

The accessories can be paired together or used separately as a complement to the SHC5000.

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