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TitanStrapsLifting, Moving & Material Handling


Simple in design and off-the-charts for utility, TitanStraps are highly versatile tie-downs for work, home or play.

TitanStraps have been engineered to maximize tensile strength, while the
ergonomic features provide a secure grip with cold or wet hands. TitanStraps are made from UV resistant polyurethane, which exels in any temperature extreme or climate.

The straps are non-marring and can be daisy-chained together for extra-length. Whether you’re securing items to a vehicle rack, bundling hoses or wire, strapping stuff to a bike or lashing skis together, you’ll find tons of uses with TitanStraps.


  • SUPER STRAP: 14” – Fluorescent Blue. Suggested Retail: $7.50
  • SUPER STRAP: 18” – Fluorescent Yellow. Suggested Retail: $8.00
  • SUPER STRAP: 25” – Fluorescent Orange. Suggested Retail: $8.50
  • INDUSTRIAL SUPER STRAP: 25” – Orange, Blue, Grey or Black. Suggested Retail: $9.50

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